Welcome to Professional Reflexology for your Health with Rhonda Funes, Certified Reflexologist.

When you are ready for the expertise of a professional reflexologist, trained in America, in practice since 1988, someone who will understand your health concerns and customizes every session given, youíve come to the right place.

Reflexology still exists in the 21st Century for one very simple reason. It works. Itís the most convenient, non-invasive, one-on-one technique that is applied without technology to the surface areas of feet, hands and outer ears to provide relief from pain, pre and post dental and surgical procedures, or general stress complaints. The artistry developed from years of experience with the specific scientific applications ensures a customized session every time, creating a pure sense of rejuvenation for body, mind and soul.

In todayís era of high-tech living, Reflexology remains a constant for human to human communication, respectful contact and teachable techniques. If Reflexology means exceptional care, communication and skill to you, contact us today. Sessions are available in 45 to 95 minute blocks. Series or gift certificates are a refreshing way to save for yourself or give to your loved ones. Individual and small group trainings may also be arranged. Please call 310.899.6289 for your appointment or send us a note.

Our address is:
528 Arizona Avenue - Suite 200 in Santa Monica, CA 90401

Flexology for Good Health and a Pain-Free Life.





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